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buildings settling around me

when i'm here i can be a streetwalking vagrant and get lost and never find anyone
i'll never miss my town again...but the three loves i left behind, there they are in my heart and in my head
i see their cigarettes when i drink my coffee and please let me never be without them
but that must be the price of uprooted flowers these days

i hope i never clean out my bank account
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you'll never be without us love

please be safe up there. we'll come up soon and find new diners to haunt and burn our cigarettes in. master says so.
oh wow.
I can completely empathize with what youre saying..
not too long ago i left 3 very very close friends..and nothing will ever be the same again..
and cigarettes are an icon for that friendship. heh
i'm kimey.
i did a search of people i have the most amount of interests in common with..and you were number 3.
add me if you'd like.